All information solutions to give you the competitive advantage you need. From managed IT services to IT equipment, structured cabling and much more
Established in 2001, GCIS offer a comprehensive range of technology solutions for all sizes of business and working environments
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GCIS Information Solutions

With us it’s all about the customer and not just the technology.

We understand that our information solutions need to be tailored to your requirements and budget. We offer affordable bespoke IT and cabling solutions that are functional and reliable, and that can evolve as your business grows. We look at the bigger picture and work with you to create longer-term IT strategies, whilst providing immediate solutions.


Some of our recent projects

You can rely on us...

A proven track record spanning multiple industry sectors, throughout the UK.

High Quality Standards

ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing our commitment to quality, efficient & proven processes to work with your business and guarantee your data is secure.

Leading Experts

GCIS have successfully completed over 1000 projects for large businesses, SMEs, schools, warehouses, factories, restaurants and retail environments, encompassing our core services.

Complex Solutions

GCIS partners with some of the leading names in the IT industry today, such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco and Zyxel. We use only the highest quality, reliable and proven solutions for your business.

Cost Effective

Whether you wish to get support for a large complex system, or you’re just starting out in business and need a cost effective IT solution tailored to your needs, GCIS can help.


GCIS are a single point of contact for all of your IT requirements

A big business starts small...

Scalable IT solutions to suit any business

Whether you wish to get support for a large complex system, or you’re just starting out in business and need a cost effective IT solution tailored to your needs, GCIS can help. We have highly experienced, friendly staff that can provide you with a range of choices and design a system for you that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Partnerships with some of the most well-known “household” names in the industry, coupled with our wealth of expertise and experience, means we can provide the solution you need.

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How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!


Gathering data

With a free consultation, we spend time with you to complete a detailed analysis of your business needs.



Once we’ve gathered the data, we’ll put together a structured plan for your project, ready for you to review and feedback.



Once your plan is agreed, we’ll waste no time in implementing your project, adapting to any changes needed along the way.



As a results-driven business, here at GCIS we’ll make sure your project is delivered on time and within budget and, most importantly, giving you the results you need.

We know how it works...

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

After implementing thousands of successful projects, we understand that budgets and timescales can change in an instant. We work with every client to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients at all times, to be our clients’ first choice supplier based on satisfaction and reputation.

Our goal is to become the preferred supplier and recognised leader in our field, whilst maintaining a position at the leading edge of all associated technologies.

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GCIS Information Solutions

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