Wordpress Re-Write

Major Re-Write Means WordPress Just Got Better

It has now been 13 years since the Website and Blog CMS system WordPress was first released, and it is estimated that nearly a quarter of the top 10 million websites now use WordPress. As a business in the South East it is therefore highly likely that you either have, have had, or have been contacted about a WordPress website / blog, and as a Hertfordshire based IT Support Company we have certainly provide support services and help relating to WordPress. Popular comments have been that it’s a relatively easy thing to use but that it can be a bit slow (particularly on phones and tablets), and there are a few technical problems here and there. You may be pleased therefore to hear that WordPress has just had a major re-write that should mean that these and other issues are a thing of the past.

What Has Happened and What Could This Mean For Your Business?

The key changes are in the background architecture of WordPress and the fact that it will now run mostly in the browser rather than on the server. This equates to greater speed and fewer technical hang-ups. The re-write has seen WordPress adopt the same architectural style as that used by many of the mainstream Web 2.0 service providers such as Yahoo, Google, and Facebook in order to make it faster and more responsive. The new and much simpler ‘REST’ architecture makes the whole thing cleaner and easier to use. This can only be good news for your business if you have, or even if your are trying to view a WordPress website or blog.

Here are some of the important features of the changes:

  1. An easier to use admin interface.
    The old WordPress core has been separated from WordPress.com and now that WordPress has a similar architecture to Yahoo, Google, Facebook and many other popular 3rd party interfaces and apps, the admin interface is also more like them in a good way i.e. more user friendly.
  2. It runs mostly in your browser
    Most of WordPress used to be based on a server, and it used old programs like PHP and MySQL. This going backwards and forwards to the server used to be the cause of it slowing down. The new WordPress is now a fully working client that runs almost completely in your browser and uses modern JavaScript and API. This has created a faster, easier user experience.
  3. It works well on your phone and tablet
    The new Single Page Application means fewer loading screens, and therefore it works better on yours and on your customers’ phones and tablets. The new system also offers more flexible admin options than the old WordPress.
  4. It offers the many valuable benefits of Open Source
    The use of open source gives WordPress freedom from vendor lock-in restrictions. It also gives you the ability to customise it to suit your needs, gives you better quality software, and much greater security.
  5. You can manage it all in one place with an app
    You can manage all of your WordPress and Jetpack-enabled sites all in one place with a new Mac app (download). The WordPress.com interface looks the just the same on the app so it’s easy to use.

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