Wireless Solutions

For many years GCIS have provided wireless networks
to a variety of businesses in many industry sectors.

We offer both what most refer to simply as ‘WiFi, which could be as straight forward as a single small scale wireless access point for a few employees in a small office, to large scale, corporate business with multiple access points serving hundreds of computers and mobile devices. We also provide point-to-point wireless connectivity between locations; where our clients have a requirement to provide voice or data services between two, or more, local facilities.


Ranging from a solution that simply provides high speed WiFi around a small office, for a small number of users, to hundreds of users over a large corporate environment, GCIS have wireless products suitable for most locations and uses. Our vast experience has seen GCIS successfully implement wireless solutions in offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, pubs, factories and shops.

In some locations, we have provided public internet access, along with intelligent content filtering, ensuring guests are not visiting pages that perhaps our clients would rather they didn’t.

All wireless installations will begin with a site survey to assess the full requirement, followed by a fully documented proposal detailing which of our wireless products would be right for your business.

Point-to-Point Wireless

GCIS offer our clients a robust, high performance point-to-point wireless solution. This is used to extend a network from an existing facility to another location nearby. It’s a virtual cable! With speeds of up to 1Gb available, and no ongoing costs, point-to-point wireless is a serious choice when looking at connectivity between your local facilities.

Once again, a full survey is completed where we will assess the possibilities and discuss with you your full requirements. We will then return to you a fully documented recommendation, complete with costs for your consideration.

All of our engineers who work with these products are fully trained professionals, and licensed to operate height access equipment where access may be limited.

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