One More Year of Support for Windows 10 Enterprise Announced


One of the main criticisms made about Microsoft lately by some IT commentators has been its apparent use of tougher tactics in the final months of the free Windows 10 upgrade. For those with 10 Enterprise OS however there is now some good news in the form of an extra year being added to its support lifetime.

Support Extended Until 2026

As an IT Support Company we know that having a trusted company there to look after and support many different aspects of the IT aspect of a business brings peace of mind and enables that business to achieve its aims. Lately there have been many different stories in the news about Windows 10 and we try hard to ensure that our customers are kept up to date with the most relevant developments, such as an extension in the support

Last year’s 1507 update referred to the first Long-term Servicing Branch (LTSB) build and the first release of Windows 10 Enterprise. This version of Windows10 Enterprise came with guaranteed support until Oct. 14, 2025, and was the only SKU (stock-keeping unit) that came in a static version that wasn’t intended to change during its lifespan.

Technical commentators have noted that the newest update 1607 (also designated as an LTSB build) of Windows 10 Enterprise has extended support through October 13th, 2026 which equates to just over 10 years from its release.

Why Has It been Extended?

The extension of support had been predicted by tech commentators because it was thought that Microsoft would have to make a public demonstration of starting another 10 years of support.

Not Really The Last Version

Being an IT Support Company in Hertfordshire means that we are often asked to clarify and comment on news items about popular IT products and services. It was announced back in May last year by Microsoft developer Jerry Nixon that Windows 10 was the last version of the Operating System. This statement didn’t literally mean the end of Windows and any future versions of it, but rather the beginning of offering windows as a service i.e. Windows on demand, licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted.

Not Extended for Other Versions

Even though other versions of Windows 10 such as consumer and small business (Home and Pro) have been subject to the latest 1607 update they have not had their support lifecycles extended, and it remains set to expire October 2025.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If you have Windows 10 Enterprise then the extension of support is obviously good news because it means that you will have peace of mind for an extra year. If you had the original LTSB you will receive the security updates until October 2025.

To get new patches for the additional year you will have to replace LTSB 1507 with this year's 1607.

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