What Was the Spectrum 48k Computer?

If you enjoy learning about older computers, you'll benefit from discovering some fun facts about the Spectrum 48k computer. This model was renowned for its unique keyboard, which was crafted from rubber, as well as its smaller size and the rainbow motif that it featured.

It Was Invented in 1982

The computer was made available for sale during 1982 and it came with sixteen kilobytes of RAM. It was available for one hundred and twenty-five pounds sterling. There was also a version available which featured forty-eight kilobytes of RAM for the higher price of one hundred and seventy-five pounds sterling.

As time went on, the prices of these unique and innovative computers were lowered to ninety-nine pounds sterling and one hundred and twenty-nine pounds sterling, respectively.

Those who purchased the sixteen kilobyte model had the option of buying upgrades which would give them access to thirty-two kilobytes of RAM.

The Design Evolved Through the Years

Machines which were built later needed eight dynamic RAM chips, as well as some chips of the TTL type. Those who wanted to had the choice to send in their Spectrums to the Sinclair firm. Once the computers were received, they were upgraded to versions with forty-eight kilobytes of memory.

In order to make these designs more affordable, the company skimped on forty-eight kilobyte chips. These chips were faulty and this means that the computers only worked at half-capacity

Overall, sixty thousand of these computers were made. It's easy to tell the earlier models from the newer models, as the oldest ones had light grey keys and the newer ones featured keys which were blue-grey.

More Spectrum 48k Facts

This eight-bit PC was manufactured in the United Kingdom, by a company called Sinclair Research Ltd. It was made in Scotland, in Dundee, in a factory which, at that time, also produced Timex products. During development, this computer was known as ZX81 Colour or ZX82 (3) (4).

The later version was a color computer, while the initial Spectrum 48k was manufactured in order to display in black and white only.

These computers are legendary because they were one of the first types of computers to be available to UK consumers. They were in plenty of United Kingdom homes and these relics of an early, less-sophisticated age of technology may still be collecting dust in a few basements in the UK.

They are definitely collector's items nowadays!

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