Twitter Moments: Your New News Provider?

Twitter adoption by businesses as another online marketing tool may have been slower than some other platforms, and an IT Support Company in Hertfordshire we are often asked “how can I use Twitter effectively to help my business?” One area of common ground and an opportunity that Twitter is set to make the most of is that we are all interested in is the latest news, and we tend to have our own trusted channels for the delivery of that news. The now widespread use of Twitter, and the need by Twitter to keep us engaged, and the competition for our attention from other news channels and content providers are some of the reasons why Twitter has just launched a new media rich breaking news stories feed in the UK called ‘Moments’.

What Moments Delivers

Twitter’s ‘Moments’ is a ‘close to the action’, media rich news feed that you can receive via your Twitter account by clicking on the Moments tab. The service consists of categorised media rich (video, photography and eye witness tweets) breaking news stories sent to your Twitter feed. To ensure that the quality of this service is high Twitter has brought in some serious expertise.

3 Reasons Why Moments Is Being Launched in the UK Now

The reasons for the new service are 3 fold:

  1. To become a more prominent and relevant competitor for our attention and time with a view to keeping Twitter profitable.
  2. To gain much wider appeal across a wider section of the UK audience, the same kind of audience that regularly access the BBC and other broadcast news media.
  3. To create more opportunities to monetise parts of Twitter. A revenue stream could for example come from commercial partners to producing “Promoted Moments”.

Twitter’s ‘Moments’ therefore will enable it to compete for our attention, time and loyalty with the popular news media, and with news content being distributed by mobile device makers such as Apple with its News app, and Android OEM Samsung with their new content partner deals.

Prominent News Partner Backers & Curated By Journalists

To successfully compete with the big news providers Twitter obviously needs to bring in some big guns of its own, and that’s exactly what is has done.

Moments in the UK is being launched with the help of 18 very high profile production partners including The Sun, Sky News, BuzzFeed UK, Glamour magazine. Other content partners for UK Moments include the Premier League, Have I Got News for You (BBC), VICE, Sugarscape, Food Network, The Economist, the Met Office, Popjustice, Global Radio, Vevo, BT Sport, Empire, Sky Sports and STV.

The content itself is also drawing on some serious expertise. It will be curated by a team of UK journalists who will ensure that the content has a distinctly ‘British’ feel to make it more relevant to its audience. Twitter is confident that we will like Moments because it has already tested the format in 2 countries prior to the UK rollout - the U.S. and Brazil.

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