Rumours of Microsoft Backing Down From Latest Windows 10 Upgrade Tactics Found to Be Untrue

As Web users we like to have the time, space, available options and ability to make choices about what we sign up to, upgrade to or download. As an IT Support Company in Hertfordshire we know how important it is for customers to feel as though they can trust every aspect of what we do. Unfortunately some of the latest tactics used by Microsoft appear to have angered some Microsoft Windows users.

What New Tactics?

Microsoft has been widely to reported to have made changes to their tactics in trying to move forward the process for getting users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to take up the free upgrade to Windows 10. This has involved switching to a ‘Recommended’ automatic download, and by taking a click on the ‘X’ of the notification box to mean acceptance of the download.

The Latest Rumours

In what some would say is the inevitable backlash, online rumours have surfaced that appear to suggest that Microsoft may have backpedalled on these tactics. These rumours however have now been found to be false.

False Reports

Microsoft’s choice to interpret a click on the ‘X’ of the a notification of a pre-scheduled upgrade to Windows 10 as approval rather than as a move to ignore the notice and close the notification window has got many technical commentators and users quite hot under the collar.

A rapid rise in reporting of the story apparently entered the realms of Chinese Whispers when reports appeared on websites such as that Microsoft had bowed to public pressure and issued a new failsafe warning prior to the installation which appeared to show a tactical climb-down.

These reports have since been shown to be false as the reported additional dialog box had in fact been part of the Microsoft campaign since early May.

Risks of Switching

As an IT Support Company in Hertfordshire we know that for many businesses, planning to switch to a new version of an operating system does of course mean that there could be some risks. We often provide consultancy services to businesses to help them to understand more about their use of IT, how things could be improved, and how risks could be minimised.


Microsoft’s tactics in getting tough on moving users more directly towards a Windows 10 upgrade have been met with angry responses. The angry responses have even included a petition on (albeit with only 72 signatures to date) entitled “Bad Microsoft! Stop Pushing Windows 10 On Consumers Uninvited!” (highlighted by see

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

A backlash against a large corporation’s move to be more forceful and to appear to go against widely understood web culture and practice is to be expected, and some would say justified.

Whatever your views however, the important message here is that if you haven’t done so already, you will need to very soon make a decision about upgrading to Windows 10. You will also clearly need to be very careful about how you respond to any notifications that you receive to prompt you to upgrade. Now may be the time therefore to seek professional advice and guidance on the subject.

It is also worth seeking information about the many benefits and positive aspects of Windows 10 rather than simply focusing on the marketing tactics used by Microsoft or the potential risks of upgrading.


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