How Does a Computer Work?

Computers are electronic machines which process data. They are convenient, high-tech data processors and they take in raw data via one of their ends, store it until it's needed for tasks and work with this data until results are achieved.
Every process that a computer performs has its own name.

When data is taken in, it's known as input. The storage of data is referred to as memory. The manipulation of information in order to get results in called processing and the results phase, where results are generated for the end-user, is referred to as output.

Now, let's talk about each stage of data processing in a bit more detail...

Data Processing Stages and Facts

Keyboards and computer "mice" are utilized for input. They are classified as input units and they provide ways of getting data into computers for processing. These days, more and more people are relying on microphones and software for voice recognition in order to input data.

With the storage phase, most information ends up on a computer's hard drive. This is a big memory drive of the magnetic type. However, smaller computerized devices, such as cameras which are digital and smart phones, typically rely on other types of storage, including cards that are equipped with "flash" memory.

During the processing phase, a processor in a computer, which is often called a CPU (central processing unit) is utilized. It's a microchip which is found within a computer and and it heats up as it processes information. Computers come with fans because CPUs do get hot while in operation.

In terms of the output phase, a computer usually has a screen of the LCD type, which offers great resolution and excellent graphics. As well, most computers these days have loudspeakers with stereo sound quality. In addition, some computers may feature ink-jet printers which offer the ultimate in fast and permanent output.

Computers Vary in Quality

Some computers are basic in terms of their capability, while others are "tricked out" with all manner of memory, output options and accessories. Nowadays, many people shop for computers online and they are able to compare basic, mid-range and high-end products, with a mind to finding computers which are just right for their needs. Popular choices include PCs, Macs, laptops of both types (PCs and Macs) and tablets.

Now that you know more about how computers work, why not shop for a brand-new computer today?

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