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Google Offers Protection In the Cloud From Popular Cyber Attacks

You may have noticed the number and frequency of high profile cyber attacks appearing to increase over the last year. One of the reasons for this is that some types of attack are relatively easy and inexpensive to launch, as well as being highly effective, and they offer the criminal a good degree of protection from detection. A ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ (DDoS) is just such an attack, and has such it has become a very popular way for criminals to inflict damage to businesses. As an IT Support Company in Hertfordshire we often receive questions and requests from our customers about which systems provide the highest levels of security and protection from the known cyber threats. Google is now offering a service called “Project Shield” that is reported to offer and extra degree of protection in the safety of its Cloud - BUT only for certain types of websites at the moment.

The Threat of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks such as the one that a used a Pingback feature loophole to leverage 26,000 Wordpress websites, and similar to the attacks launched on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network gaming can be very disruptive and damaging. With DDoS the perpetrator uses multiple compromised systems that are often infected with a Trojan virus to launch a single attack on one system. The result is to overwhelm that system rendering it unavailable. It is estimated that a DDoS attack can cost the criminal around £30 to execute (presumably excluding labour costs) and it can be ordered anonymously. For the business that is the focus of the attack the results can not only be the temporary disruption, but the fallout from that disruption which can include lost customers, bad press and damage to reputation. In monetary terms estimates of the average cost of this kind of attack to a business is around the £300,000 mark.

Help From Google’s “Project Shield”

For those who run news, human rights or elections sites which host “free expression” content some comfort and protection can now be gained from the fact that Google is now offering protection in the safety of its Cloud as part of what it is calling “Project Shield”. The free service is inviting applications through its website . According to Google’s Project Shield if the online application is approved the successful webmaster will be emailed the configuration instructions, and provided they have administrative privileges for the website, and they can modify DNS records, protection for DDoS attacks for their website can be set up in as little as 10 minutes.

How It Works

Google’s Project Shield uses a technology known as “reverse proxy” to route a website’s traffic through Google’s infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform), whereby “illegitimate traffic” can be stopped from reaching the server. Google suggests that the service is akin to “a train conductor only letting ticketed passengers aboard”. Although it is unlikely to noticeably affect a website’s performance, users from countries where Google’s IP addresses are blocked will not be able to access the content served through Project Shield.

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