How Cloud-Based Services can Evolve and Improve your Business Processes

Cloud-based services are much more than just a storage system and are rapidly transforming the way businesses communicate, store information and operate.

No matter what the industry, communication and efficiency are key. In recent years advances in email and mobile phone technology have helped pave the way to staying connected. But the Cloud is taking over!

Office 365 is a cloud-based service, taking the industry’s most recognised software and making it accessible from wherever you are in the world. With high tech security controls and back up systems in place, using Office 365 enables you to have remote access to emails, documents, contacts and calendars at the touch of a button. This eliminates paper work and saves time, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Employees will find transition to Office 365 smooth and efficient as it also runs the standard Microsoft software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher.

Using a standard Internet connection, this cloud offering allows both office-based and remote workers to access live information at any given time, supported with features such as instant messaging to drive productivity and help stay connected.

Skype for Business plays a big part in cloud software, being a key tool in bringing international companies closer together. Skype for Business offers the opportunity to host video conference calls to any worldwide location. This significantly reduces travel time, expenditure and other associated costs.

With any cloud-based software you also gain the advantage of being up-to-date at all times, with upgrades and downloads to install as they become available. This method of upgrading eliminates any associated costs that would normally be spent on engineers and IT specialists.

This saving can also be seen with hosted cloud services. Data centres have been set up around the UK and worldwide, home to all the required computer hardware and servers. Operated and run by IT specialists, the data centres are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure servers are fully operational at all times. You essentially get all the benefits of an in-house server without the upfront and running costs making this an ideal option for new start-up businesses as well as SME’s looking to expand.

Ultimately, cloud-based solutions have transformed work processes so much that they are set to stay. They offer a company the opportunity to work in a modern, efficient and well-connected environment. However, with all your data located off-site you need to work with a company that you can trust. GCIS are IT specialists and offer a comprehensive range of technology solutions, from structured cabling, access control and telecom solutions, as well as a range of cloud solutions.

GCIS understand that no two businesses are the same and have a wide and varied portfolio working with small start-up businesses through to large corporate enterprises, offering bespoke products to suit any requirement. For more information on their range of services you can call 01438 347090 or email

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